Spotify Premium

You really kinda need this app. I mean who doesn’t want to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want, with no interruptions? Instead of paying for albums or songs one at a time on iTunes, Spotify charges a flat fee of $10 per month and it lets you stream and download them onto your phone or computer. You can listen whenever you want, browse other people’s playlists, or let Spotify choose music based on your mood or the time of day. And it’s so easy to make your own playlist! it’s kind of ridonkulous! Right now I jump between one my daughter made with things like “Boogie wit da Hoodie” and Chance the Rapper on it, and the score from La La Land and the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen. Over 50 million people now have the paid version of Spotify, and it’s not for no reason. It’s pretty much THE music app for your phone because it’s that good.

Spark the Conversation: If you download Spotify, you and your girls can make playlists for each other. She can introduce you to what’s cool in music now and you can play her a few ditty’s from the 80’s. It’s great for road trips, but also for workouts and homework time. Another great thing about Spotify is its “Discover Weekly” playlist where the app recommends new music for you each week based on what you like and listen to already. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s really out there, but it’s fun to compare your list to your girl’s and an easy breezy conversation you can have even when she is in the middle of studying for finals!


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