Spring Break Phone Break

Easter and Passover week, Wahoo! We all have a few days off from school or work this week! Let’s do something fun and challenging and take one (yes, just one, baby steps) day of the week to do a “device detox.” From midnight to midnight during 24 hours of your choosing, get everybody in your family to give up their phones (and laptops, and iPads too, no cheating!).

Step one: Slip each family member’s phone into a different colored sock (yup, I said sock) and put them in a drawer or somewhere else that nobody can see or hear them.

Step two: Don’t panic. Tell anyone who may need to get in touch with you, your partner or your kids – like grandparents or besties – that you all won’t be available for 24 hours via phone or Internet. If they need you, you can chat tomorrow! Now relax and feel the effects…

Spark the Conversation: First you’ve gotta have the discussion with your girl (and the fam) to convince them to participate in this mini digital detox. If they agree, then you’ve opened up a whole day for fun convos, board games, and quality family time. You can play outside or cook a meal together with no distractions. Hard to imagine, huh? Go ahead and try it.


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