Teach Your Teen Stand Up Comedy

You know that thing? The one that your daughter comes home and talks about on the days that she seems down? Maybe it’s a kid that makes fun of the way she runs in P.E. or a teacher who won’t cut her a break on the homework. Either way, it’s hard for our girls to decompress after facing those challenges. Turning those frustrations into jokes is a great way to work through the emotions and take ownership of our own reactions. Our comedic heroes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler used humor to take on the male-dominated stand-up and improv comedy world and have become role models for women everywhere.

Spark the Conversation: When your girl wants to crawl into a mopey, feeling-sorry-for-herself hole, pull her out! Ask her to play out the situation that is stressing her out, but make it funny. Tell her to look for the absurd or ironic in the situation — like how that “weird run” of hers seems to get her across the finish line at cross country meets every week. Anything good or bad that’s happening in her life is great material for comedy, help your girl mine it to process her feelings and grow more confident!

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