Tell Your Girl How You Feel About Her

You know how it feels when you receive a sincere compliment or thank you? As simple as it may seem, expressing appreciation has enormous emotional power! And even kids feel it. Your bond with your girl is strengthened every time you acknowledge and openly discuss her positive traits and qualities. Think about what makes you treasure your girl and why she’s particularly special to you and then tell her. And make it specific! Talk about the strengths of hers that you find fascinating or the personality traits that you admire in her. And while it may seem like a weird conversation to have, trust me, it’s worth it! Compliments are incredibly powerful. Science shows that a compliment actually has the same impact on the brain as receiving cash! They’re real mood-boosters. Plus, when it comes from a parent or a person close to them, it means even more! Girls (and women) don’t often realize their gifts, talents, or behaviors are valuable until they’re pointed out by others. Sometimes it takes a person outside of ourselves to make us see these things! And who doesn’t want their girl feeling good about herself as much as possible? Plus, it’s good for you too! Studies report that feeling and expressing gratitude is one of the keys to happiness. Showing appreciation can make you feel more positive, build stronger relationships, and enjoy experiences more. And come on, everybody loves a compliment!

Spark the Conversation:  As mentioned above, tell your girl what you appreciate or really like about her. It doesn’t have to be a weird, uncomfortable convo, but just a light-hearted “I really mean it” serving of gratitude. What makes her unique that you’re thankful for? Which of her quirks or habits do you adore? So long as they’re sincere, the act of giving compliments tends to create a cycle of positivity, and going out of your way to say something nice about someone actually boosts YOUR self-confidence and self-esteem. (Hey, if you’re lucky you might get a compliment in return!)

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