April Showers Bring May Flowers in Real Life

It may be hard to remember it now, but think back to your first big fight with a friend or how about your first heartbreak. Working through challenging times in relationships is hard.  The important thing is that they start to teach us how relationships work and what we are looking for in a friend and a partner and for us to realize that things will get better again soon.

This doesn’t only apply to relationships — it’s jobs, finances, even political or spiritual beliefs. We have to go through some hard times to learn and grow. As parents, it is hard to watch our children go through the hard times, but those skills are essential to learning perseverance, discernment and much more.

Spark the Conversation

Your teen will probably roll her eyes if you sing “April showers bring May flowers.” Tell her about struggles you faced that helped you later on. Maybe that job you got fired from that led you to find your dream job. Or the fight you had with a friend that brought you closer. She might not understand how the hardships she’s facing now can help her in the future — sometimes that’s a concept that’s even hard for adults — but you can assure her that the “showers” don’t last forever, and the “flowers” will show up.

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