The Power of WHY 

So many times, we wonder why our teens make questionable decisions and what in the world made them think it was okay. Sometimes it’s a wardrobe choice (seriously, are Hammer pants making a comeback?!?) but it could be a much more serious misstep. We know that our teens aren’t quite equipped with good decision making brains just yet, so we have to give them practical steps to work through the tough decisions.

I encourage girls and parents to work through the “why” to find their individual passion and purpose. When we help our girls identify the traits and behaviors that they value, it can act as an inner guide or moral compass when those hard situations arise. Learn more about the power of why and how to use it to grow your teen’s confidence in my article.

Spark the Conversation: We parents and our teens need a compass to guide us in all aspects of life. The starting point is knowing yourself and having some kind of rules, guidelines, internal words you go by. These tools help you now and help your girl make decisions during the vulnerable and chaotic teenage years.

Ask your girl what traits she sees in others that she admires. Help her think of ways to develop those traits in herself. If she admires a teacher’s generosity, try finding a nonprofit where she can give her time, money or items she doesn’t need. When she recognizes the joy that behavior brings, it encourages her to practice that trait even more!

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