Why Do Girls Stick Their Tongues Out in Selfies?

Today I was at Fox5NY doing a segment for Street Talk with Antwan Lewis who was a total gem of a guy. In my excitement I took lots and lots of pictures to share with friends, family and my Facebook community. I didn’t have anyone with me so I had to take lots of .. yes, wait for it — selfies!  I noticed when taking the photos I felt the urge to stick my tongue out or pose cutsey so I went with it.

When I sent my mom my pictures she congratulated me on my segment and then asked, quite simply I might add

“Why do you (girls) always stick their tongues out in pictures?”

“Wow, I never really thought about it Mom, great question, let me ask my buddy.”

So google that question I did, and this was the first hit that came up.

“Girls can feel self conscious about having their picture taken. Sticking out her tongue is a pose that takes away some of the stiffness of posing. It is ‘cute’ and tends to come out better than a more formal portrait type of shot. Girls are always under a lot of pressure about their appearance and I think these stunts are ways to reduce feeling so objectified.”

So there you go.

Why do you think girls (people in general) stick your tongues out in selfies?

Deep stuff happening over here, huh?

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